When trying to find best artists in history, you must first identify that one artwork that made them be famous in their years and what made them be that influential and how they affected the art industry over the years.

In Arts, for you to be recognized as the most famous in the history of the world, you must have been literally the best in terms of the character shown in the field of arts and the unique style that was demonstrated in your work that made it stand out as the best amongst the best. It is not like in movies where you can do better that the other by simply applying a more advanced technology in your work.

Art is not what everybody has an idea about; it is a creativity skill that is inbuilt.

The list that we have designed contains a number of those artists, though not all of them because they are so many in the history of the world, but only those who came into the field of art and changed the world forever with their artworks. These guys listed bellow were the best of the best.


One of the most original and influential artists in the history of the world. With his famous Art; Mona Lisa, which was later introduced into English dictionaries as superlative, Da Vinci became one of the very best in his time (1452-1519).

He was one of the most educated of his lot and invented many things to do with science. Most of his ideas were borrowed to help in the invention of the airplane and helicopter just based on his theory on the capabilities of a flying bat.

It is no surprise that Da Vinci tops our list of the most famous artists in history.

Having been crowned the king of artwork by the then ruler, he left Italy for France in 1516 where he went and nurtured more talented artists.


He was a renowned architect, sculpture and a painter based in Rome. His artwork; the Creation of Adam, made him be famous among Christian families as his painting was the most used biblical paintings in history. In his illustrations, the created a perfect picture to his audience with his simple but wonderful paintings.

(C)DONATELLO (1386-1466)

He had to be on this list, though ignored during most of his time, he later came to the limelight with his emotional style of work. He was actually the greatest Italian artist before Michelangelo and had the most influential amongst his fellows.

People were marveled at his work. At bellow the age of 20, he started to get some commissions for his work. He developed a high reputation bettered only by his successor, Michelangelo. He applied innovative skills and extra- ordinary features in his unique style of art.


His most famous painting that made him stand above the rest was the Birth Of Venus. Which was very influential in Florentine dynasty. Sandro always demonstrated his heart desire through his artworks. People liked him for his passion for architecture, poetry, and philosophy.

Being one of the earliest Renaissance artists, Sandro always impressed his peers. Having started his artwork at a tender age of just 14 years, Botticelli became an artist of his own and made it his hobby and part of his life, He later passed on in the year 1510, having left a big impact as an artist with his famous works including Fortitude, Adoration of the Magi, amongst others.


Matisse had the love for colors and used this to his advantage. His work was based on traditions with imagery and figurative arts.

His passion in dealing with what he loved most that are colors, made him be more expressive in his work and became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. By mid-1890s, his work was already in the exhibitions around Paris and was selling like hot cake. After finding his niche, Matisse traveled around the world, marketing his wonderful artwork in Germany, Italy and even Spain.